What is Money SMS?

Money SMS is a mobile application which pays you to fetch SMSes from our servers.

How Much Do I Earn From Each SMS?

You earn €0.02, or 2 Euro cents for each SMS you receive.

I Do Not Find My Country During Registration.

If you didn’t find your country during registration, it means that Money SMS is not available in your country at the moment.

I See "Registration Unavailable" During Registration

This is common if there are no available slots at the time of registering. You could always subscribe to our mailing list to be notified the moment a vacant slot is available, or try again at a later date.

Would My Telco Charge Me for Receiving Every SMS?

No, all SMSes sent to you do not incur any charge from your telco provider.

Why Am I Paid To Receive SMSes?

Mainly because many telecommunication or cell phone carriers require SMSes to be sent to foreign countries, such as for roaming purposes. Money SMS helps to ensure that they are delivered properly to all testers’ phones, including yours.

What SMS Do I Receive? Can I Delete Them?

Our SMSes start with random characters in the beginning of the body. The body contents will also contain all sorts of random contents, including verification codes and one-time passwords. An example of such SMS:

$0 – G-80ashKNha7 is your Google verification code

As for deletion, you are free to do so after receiving them.

Is Money SMS Available on the iOS/ iPadOS?

Due to Apple’s policy against utilizing resources from idle hardware, we are not allowed to publish the app on either platform.


What Cashout Options Are Available?

Currently we support Bitcoin, PayPal and WebMoney.

When Can I Cashout?

You can cashout once your balance reaches a minimum threshold of €2, or 2 Euros.

How Long Until I Receive The Payment?

We pay within 48 hours after your request on the app.

The Payment Status Shows "Failed"

There could be several reasons, such as incorrect address format for Bitcoin and Ethereum, or unsupported countries by PayPal. To see the supported countries list for Paypal, click here.

For PayPal Wallet, Why Am I Being Asked To Accept or Refuse a Payment I Received?

Do not worry, you could choose one (1) of the following three (3) options:

  • • Accept the payment and convert it to your primary balance currency (our payments are in Euro).
  • • Accept the payment and open a secondary Euro account on PayPal.
  • • Deny the payment and return it to the sender. Once one payment is accepted, all future payments will automatically be accepted.


I Installed the App But Am Not Receiving Any SMSes.

This usually happens when your phone’s battery settings interfere with the app, turning it off to save battery. To fully ensure Money SMS is running properly:

  • • Confirm that you are logged in and the app is running in the background.
  • • The symbol of Money SMS in the notifications section shows that the app has the “OK – Waiting for SMS” status.
  • • Double check if the app can receive SMS, can work in the background and provide with all required permissions on your phone settings.
  • • Make sure your device has a strong or stable Internet connection.
  • • Check that the SIM card is inserted in the same device where Money SMS app is running.

Alternatively, ensure the app is kept running in the background at all times by enabling startup permission, removing mobile/ cellular data restriction, and excluding it from any battery optimizations.

Why Does Money SMS Require My Phone's SMS Permission?

The SMS permission allows our app to receive SMSes from our servers. We do NOT forward any form of personal or private SMS that does not belong to our servers.

Does Money SMS Have a Referral Program?

Yes, we do. Open the app, navigate to Settings > Referral Program and share the code to your friends, family and strangers. They will receive €0.50 or 50 Euro cents and whenever they cashout for the first time, you enjoy a 30% commission of theirs.

For example, if a referral cashes out at €10, the commission you earn is €3.33.

How Do I Receive More SMSes?

For the best results, keep your phone running on an active Internet or cellular data connection.

I Forgot to Enter the Referral Code While Registering. Can It Be Added Afterwards?

Unfortunately, that is not possible.